AFSA keeps an eye on all legislature that relates to education. Read below to see the latest bills in the House and the Senate, the most recent action that’s been taken on them, and where AFSA stands on each one.

School Funding

These bills range from grants which are rewarded to state and local education agencies, competitive matching grants, block grants, incentive funding grants, grants that will train school principals on effective core competencies and instructional leadership skills, and grants that will help establish a full day prekindergarten program at public schools.

Professional Development, Early Education and Student Support

These bills range from improving  professional development activities with early childhood development and education programs, to supporting and encouraging the health and well-being of elementary school and secondary school students by enhancing school physical education and health education, to expanding prekindergarten access through a federal-state partnership.

School Safety and Bullying

These issues range from school safety, and David Esquith, Director of the Office of Safe and Healthy Students for the U.S. Department of Education stance and view point on how to keep schools safe to bullying. Read more to see how school administrators work daily to provide a safe and secure environment for all students and staff.

Principal Evaluations and Equal Opportunities for Students

These issues include evaluations of principals and training that they need. Learn why AFSA does not see a new evaluation system based largely on test scores as solving the issues created by NCLB.  Also learn why AFSA urges Congress to support increasing federal investments toward providing all children with equal opportunities to obtain a high-quality education.

ESEA Flexibility Review Guidance

The Department of Education recently released the ESEA Flexibility Guidance document to explain what requirements states must meet in order to be granted a waiver. Several sections within the document relate to principals, and AFSA encourages all members to be familiar with the document. Download the document by clicking on the link above