Our Locals

1- Council of School Supervisors and Administrators

2- Chicago Principals’ Association

3- United Administrators of San Francisco

3E- United Administrators of San Francisco, Emeritus

4- Council of School Officers

6- Boston Association of School Administrators & Supervisors

8- Yonkers Council of Administrators

9- Woodhaven Administrators Association

10- Buffalo Council of Supervisors & Administrators

11- Wyandotte Administrators Association

13- Bloomfield Administrators Association

18- School Administrators Association of New Haven

20- City Association of Supervisors and Administrators

22- Hartford Principals’ and Supervisors’ Association

25- Public School Administrators & Supervisors Association of Baltimore City

27- Shelton Administrative Council

28- Organization of School Administrators & Supervisors

36- Howard County Administrators Association

42- East Hartford Education Administrators & Supervisory Unit

42A- Griswold Administrators Association

42F- Cromwell Administrators Association

42H- North Stonington Administrators

42K- East Haddam Administrators

42N- Watertown Administrators Group

44- Administrators Association of the St. Louis Public Schools

48C- Region 16 Administrators’ Association

48L- Association of Madison Administrators

48N- Woodbridge Board of Education

51- New Britain Association of Administrators, Supervisors & Directors

52- Educational Administrators of Wallingford

58- Association of Dearborn School Administrators

59 -Monroe Federation of School Administrators

60- Taylor Principals Association

61- Connecticut Vocational-Technical School Administrators Association

62- Southgate Principals & Supervisory Association

66- Bristol Association of Principals & Supervisors

67- Lewiston Administrators Association

69- Monroe County, ISD

70S- United Federation of Technicians

73- Auburn School Administrators’ Association

74- Southington Administrators Association

78- Hartford Support Supervisors Association

79- Oklahoma City Administrators

81- Union of Berkeley Administrators

82- Hartford Educational Support Personnel

83- United Administrators of Oakland Schools

84- Calvert Association of Supervisors and Administrators

87- Association of Bangor School Administrators

91- Norwich School Administrators Association

92- Cheshire Administrative Personnel – CAP

94- Torrington Public School Administrators Association (TPSAA)

97- Manchester School Administrators Association

98- New Fairfield Administrator’s Association

100- St. Croix Educational Administrators’ Association

101- St. Thomas/St. John Educational Administrators’ Association

102- Queen Anne’s County Administrators and Supervisors Association

105- Educadores Puertorriquenos en Accion, Inc. (EPA)

106- Thompson Association of School Administrators

108- Marquette-Alger Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) Administrators Association

109- Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel of Prince George’s City, MD (ASASP)

111- East Hampton School Administrators Association

113- Newtown Association of School Administrators

115- Putnam Administrators’ Association

116- Kent Country Administrative and Supervisory Association

119- Exeter Area Administrators Association

120- Milford Association of School Administrators

121- Association of Hamden Public Schools Administrators

123- Coventry Administration Association

125- Columbia Association of School Administrators

126- Easton Intermediate Administrators Association

127- South Windsor Administrators Association

128- Branford Administrators Association

129- Norwalk Public Schools – ESG

130- Region One Federation of School Administrators

132 - Nashua Association of School Administrators

134 - Administrators Association of San Diego City Schools (AASD)

135 - Gilbert Administrators Association

136 - Denver School Leaders Association