Want a Stronger Voice for School Leaders in Your District?

The first step is to understand stand that all school leaders need to speak with a collective voice. There is power in numbers. AFSA brings together more than 20,000 school leaders into a united voice, providing more power in our workplaces.

As a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO, AFSA members recognize the importance of collective bargaining rights and the right to organize. If you are standing by yourself in front of a  superintendent or school board, it is time for a change.

AFSA can help guide you and other school leaders in the community on the best ways to approach your unique situation.

The first step is to reach out to us via email us and set up a call.  

AFSA also offers individuals associate membership: PDF icon Click here for the application

Why Join?

The quality of public school education is being threatened by misguided, unsuccessful ventures such as vouchers, school choice, privatization, high-stakes testing and other assaults on our public education system. More and more education professionals realize they need the protection, services and expertise that AFSA provides. AFSA is a strong, powerful and experienced advocate for public schools, principals, assistant principals, administrators and supervisors.

What Does AFSA Offer?

Members of AFSA are protected on the job with the union’s $1 million occupational insurance coverages, and enjoy a package of health and welfare benefits and money-saving services that may be customized based on individual need. Click here to see the full benefits.

For more than 30 years, AFSA has fought for quality public school education for students of all backgrounds.

AFSA assists affiliated groups and individual members with vital services, including:

  • professional development
  • collective bargaining
  • contract negotiations and enforcement
  • legal counsel
  • legislative lobbying at the local, state and federal levels
  • political action and organizing