Support Public Education With an Investment in the AFSA PAC

The American Federation of School Administrators is the voice of school leaders in the political process in the nation's capital.

The American Federation of School Administrators PAC (AFSA PAC) is your political voice on education issues and is an extremely critical benefit of AFSA membership given today’s tumultuous political climate.

AFSA PAC provides direct support to federal candidates running for elected office to help improve the livelihoods of school leaders, the students they serve and their families.

Specifically, the AFSA PAC supports candidates who pledge to fight for quality public schools, improved working conditions for school leaders, school leader-specific professional development, school safety, retirement security and policies that will provide the tools education professionals need to provide America's youth with the highest-quality education possible.

Organized and strategic political action is crucial in influencing government. Political action is an integral part of unionism. Not only does it reinforce our rights on the job, it provides our members with a powerful and effective means to influence policy at all levels of government. We are committed to being actively involved in the process.

In order to increase the visibility of school leaders, gain access to policy makers and to truly impact policy on a national level, we strongly urge you to contribute to the AFSA PAC. Your contributions go a long way in supporting political candidates who share AFSA’s beliefs about public education and the importance of great school leaders. 

AFSA members can contribute to the national PAC here.

AFSA members also can make a donation by sending a personal check made out to:


815 16th St., NW
Suite 4125
Washington, D.C. 20006

AFSA PAC is nonpartisan. 

Contributions or gifts to AFSA PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. 

All contributions to AFSA PAC are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. 

AFSA PAC does not accept or receive any member dues or per capita fees paid to AFSA or any of its locals or state federations. 

Contributions are not a condition of membership or employment, and refusal to contribute is free of reprisal. 

In accordance with federal law, AFSA PAC only accepts contributions from members, executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Contributions from other persons will be returned to the contributor.