Social Emotional Learning Resources and COVID-19

As we look for ways to get schools reopened around the nation, we are seeing there are no easy answers. AFSA's own report on school reopening states, "after months of research by the medical and scientific community, and thoughtful dialogue with education professionals, we conclude that at least until there is a vaccine, there is no single solution that encompasses every school district in the nation."

Shawn Gross, managing director at K-Necting, an organization that utilizes mobile devices to increase student achievement, has been providing support to school systems domestically and internationally during this pandemic. As part of his work, he has developed a list of resources addressing the essential core needs for school leaders, teachers, students and parents to help address key educational issues.

"The longer this drags on in time, the more it impacts everyone personally," said Gross. "Social and emotional skills development are critical success factors that will enable us to ride out this storm of uncertainty.

"We didn’t choose to have our schools closed; our carefully constructed routines halted in their tracks; our field trips, concerts, sporting events, fundraisers and finals all canceled. We didn’t expect this and had little warning," Gross added. "At this very moment, there are so many questions swirling through our own heads and the education ecosystem across the globe."

  • What impact will this have on student learning, on families, on the economy—now and in the long term?
  • How will we support students who rely on school for meals or the stability that their classroom provides?
  • How will our students without access to computers or technology continue to learn?
  • What will this do to our school and campus communities?
  • How will this impact our school’s funding, our careers?"

"During this time, it is critical for us—as school leaders, educators and parents—to focus on our own social-emotional wellbeing as we look to support the social-emotional development of our students and others at home and in our community," said Gross. "There was life before COVID-19, and there will be life after."

Adult Self-Care:

Resources for Educators and School Communities:

Diversity, Equity AND Inclusion:

Resources for Families and Parents: