AFL-CIO President on the State of Union

“The State of the Union is union strong,” AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler said after Democratic President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address this month. “The most pro-union president in our lifetime laid out a clear plan tonight to keep fighting for working people against Donald Trump and MAGA extremists who are looking out only for the rich and big corporations. 

“President Biden offered a road map that lifts entire communities, builds on the historic investments of the past several years and transforms the economy for generations to come. The State of the Union isn’t about just what we’ve accomplished under Biden’s leadership—adding nearly 15 million jobs and sustaining record low unemployment rates—it is also about how we’re going to finish the job of building an economy that at long last delivers on America’s promise to everyone. 

“The proposals Biden laid out will strengthen America’s industrial renaissance with good union jobs that change the trajectory of families and communities. In stark contrast to Trump, Biden’s proposals are centered on making life better for the working class and finally giving working people a fair shot at sharing in the profits we earn. 

“In Biden’s America, all workers—no matter our race, religion, orientations or background—have the freedom to fully pursue our hopes and aspirations.

“Biden is laser-focused on lowering costs, demanding the rich and big corporations pay their fair share and protecting lifesaving programs like Social Security and Medicare. His Investing in America agenda builds things in our country again with good-paying union jobs, invests in child care and elder care, and erases even more student loan debt. 

“With freedom itself on the ballot this year, Biden made it crystal clear that he’ll fight with all his will to defend democracy and safeguard voting access while protecting reproductive choice and our freedom to join a union.

“We stand ready to fight alongside Biden because America needs a president who walks picket lines with us instead of crossing them.”

Photo Credit: White House SOU Feed 1:07:33