COVID-19 Emergency Relief Package Education Top Lines

During the stimulus fight, the Democrats on Capitol Hill secured critical funding for states, K12 schools and institutions of higher education that have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Similar to the CARES Act, the emergency education relief funds are reserved as follows:

  • Relief for outlying areas and the Bureau of Indian Education: $818.8 million
  • Governors Emergency Education Relief Fund: $4.05 billion; includes a set-aside for services to private K12 schools to be administered by public agencies
  • Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (Public K12 schools): $54.3 billion
  • Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund: $22.7 billion

"It is times like this when you can say, elections have real impacts on the lives of everyday people. Who you vote for can make a difference in having the needed resources to educated our children," said AFSA President Ernest Logan.