Get Vaccinated

Get vaccinated for yourself, your friends and your family. Add your name saying you got vaccinated, and the AFL-CIO will send you a sticker. Union-made, obviously!

COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. Clinical trials show that the vaccines are safe and help protect people from COVID-19.

If we all get vaccinated and continue wearing masks and social distancing, we can slow the spread. Together, we can end this pandemic.

Two Stickers on a sheet of paper, one is being place and the contents of the sticker are hidden, both stickers say

Get Your Sticker

Working people also need strong health and safety protections in the workplace to prevent exposure to COVID-19. The workplace is a high-risk setting because we’re breathing the same air for long periods of time. That’s why vaccines for workers are even more important.

Add your name saying you got vaccinated and get your sticker. Show that you’re a proud union member who is doing your part to end this pandemic.