Hotels Using COVID-19 to Stop Cleaning Rooms

Hotel rooms should be cleaned every day. It's what guests expect and pay for.

But using COVID-19 as an excuse, Hilton is ending automatic daily housekeeping, trying to forever change the guest experience and cut housekeepers' jobs. Many travelers might not know that when rooms don't get cleaned, housekeepers lose out on the jobs they depend on to raise a family. 

"Hilton is trying to take advantage of pandemic disruption to cut services like automatic daily housekeeping," says D. Taylor, international president of UNITE HERE.  

He adds, "hotel rooms should be cleaned every day—that’s what hotel guests have come to expect and love, and health experts prefer increased cleaning, too. But as tourism comes roaring back, hotels are taking advantage of pandemic disruption to cut standard services and the workers who make them possible."

AFSA President Ernest Logan urges union members to support their brothers and sisters. "What Hilton is doing to its customers and workers is unacceptable. To help fight this battle for hotel service, AFSA is joining forces with housekeepers and their union UNITE HERE to tell Hilton that hotel rooms should be cleaned every day. Click here to add your name to their petition. We signed it, and we’re asking you to sign it, too."

Hilton’s plan to end automatic daily housekeeping would slash jobs held overwhelmingly by women of color and make housekeepers’ workloads even more painful—because rooms are much dirtier after days without cleaning.