President Woodard Responds to State of the Union

President Donald Trump recently delivered his first State of the Union speech to our nation. AFSA President Diann Woodard responded with the following remarks:

"Although it is encouraging the president called on Congress to invest $1.5 trillion in a national infrastructure plan, he actually wants to spend more on a border wall than investing in all of America's infrastructure for an entire year. In addition, any national investment plan must include substantial support for our nation's crumbling schools, which is so desperately needed in so many areas of the country,"

"The president also called for the end of the defense sequester. While the sequester is a policy AFSA opposes, we cannot raise the spending caps on defense without also lifting them for non-defense discretionary programs, especially for education,"

"While our national defense is certainly important, federal education funding is an investment in the future of our nation. Our economic strength and vitality are dependent upon having a citizenry that is fully participating in our economy. In fact, it is education that is the path for each child to become a contributing member of our society,"

"I was also encouraged that the president pledged his support for working families and paid leave. However, words are not enough for working families. In fact, many of the president's policies actually undermine much of what he says. Workers need fair wages, a safe working environment, job security, quality healthcare, and the ability to retire with dignity. Until policies are enacted that actually address all of these critical areas, then we are failing working families,"

"AFSA calls on the president and members of Congress to invest in public education, programs that truly support working families, and policies that allow every member of this great nation to enjoy the meaningful retirement they deserve."