Remember to Vote for Our Schools Nov. 3!

Election Day is only one week away. On Nov. 3, we will vote for candidates on all levels of our government who will shape our schools for years to come.

In addition to elected officials, nationwide there are 20 proposals on the ballot focused on education funding and policy. Ballot measures are important opportunities to create change through direct democracy. The funding measures in question this year can yield billions for public education and bring lasting reforms. See the figure below for ballot measures in your state:

Check your voter registration status with the National Association of Secretaries of State here.

If you are voting absentee but have not mailed in your ballot yet, please drop it off at your nearest election office to make sure that your vote is counted. Here's more information on in-person early voting in your state. Most states allow a friend or family member to drop off your ballot for you. Refer to this table for guidelines in your state.

Lastly, and just as importantly, please take the time to encourage your friends and family to vote. Take advantage of your social platforms and personal networks to boost turnout and help others through the voting process.

For more information about candidates and proposals on your ballot, visit

Biden vs. Trump on Public Education

Thumbnail graphic from Citizens Clean Elections Commission