San Diego Unified School Leaders Join AFSA

As a new school year begins, 500 San Diego Unified School District principals, vice principals, school police supervisors, operations managers, and education, food and transportation supervisors have taken a major step to enhance their clout by joining the American Federation of School Administrators, AFL-CIO (AFSA). The affiliation of the Administrators Association of San Diego City Schools (AASD) with the national union will give local school leaders a greater voice and stronger protections as they serve San Diego Unified students and families. 

“This is a new day for the San Diego Unified School District,” said AFSA President Ernest Logan. “The AASD affiliation is a milestone for the union that will give a stronger voice—locally, statewide and nationally—to school leaders in San Diego Unified. This new power will enhance their ability to deliver a better education to the children of this community.”

AFSA represents 20,000 school administrators in nearly 100 school districts nationwide. AASD members serve the more than 121,000 students learning in the San Diego Unified School District’s 226 schools.

“AASD unionized 10 years ago and we have worked hard to have a united voice for our members on both instructional and operational issues,” said Dr. Jolie Pickett, president, AASD/AFSA Local 134. “By joining AFSA, we will now partner with the leaders of other school districts to have a stronger union and a united voice at the national level.” 

“Teachers and other educators around the United States are speaking up for the resources and programs needed to better educate children,” said Logan. “In cities and states where teachers went out on strike, being united and affiliated with stronger state and national organizations made a difference in securing changes that benefit students and schools. The new resources and assistance this affiliation provides will make a difference here, too. 

“School leaders have some of the toughest challenges in education,” said Logan. “They are told to increase academic achievement, while at the same time they often face restrictions that tie their hands. They are told to do more in schools with less resources. It is time that their voices and ideas are elevated throughout the education community locally, in statehouses and in Washington, D.C.”

“With your affiliation to AFSA and the AFL-CIO, you’re now part of a family of 12.5 million working people that, for more than a century, has fought for fair wages, strong schools and safe workplaces,” said national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka in a video played during the ceremony. 

“You’re joining our movement at an exciting time: Workers are in workplaces...on picket the bargaining table...and the ballot box,” he said. “And school employees are leading the way! Let’s keep the momentum going.”

The decision by AASD to affiliate was finalized in June and officially took effect July 1. AASD represents both certificated and classified managers and supervisors, including:

  • Principals;
  • Vice principals;
  • Central office certificated managers;
  • Classified managers and supervisors;
  • Police sergeants and captains;
  • Transportation services supervisors; and
  • Food services supervisors, and more. 

“AASD is proud to join AFSA as Local 134,” said Donis Coronel, executive director, AASD/AFSA Local 134. “It is time to be part of a larger and more powerful organization to advocate for the public education system, our students and the working conditions of our members.”