An enlightening event aimed at tackling educational disparities and celebrating the achievements of African American students.
The U.S. Department of Education’s (DOE’s) Office of Technology recently reached out to AFSA to identify school leaders to join roundtables and share their insights on AI.

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"Our nation’s educators are critical to ensuring students’ success, which is why I’m committed to finding solutions to address teacher and principal shortages...across the country."
We have witnessed in horror as military-style weapons have been deployed against children and educators learning and teaching at school.
School districts may distribute these tests for free to students, staff, parents and school communities.
School boards must have clear policies on how to define and address hate speech.

Congress heard from 54 national advocacy organizations, including the American Federation of School Administrations, fighting to keep education spending a priority in the federal budget.

Kennedy was assassinated, spawning a host of theories.