Negotiations were long and arduous and could not have culminated in an agreement without the steadfast support of every member.
What's going on with our students today? Find out ways to address some mental health issues. Prince George's County Public Schools school psychologist Vincent Tepe talks student mental health.
Some 86% of respondents said there aren’t any support groups for school leaders, while the remaining 14% said there were informal groups.

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Whats the number one question asked of 20-plus year Social Security administrator Diana Varela? When should I retire?
Steven Becton leads Facing History and Ourselves, which was founded in 1976 by a middle school teacher in Memphis, TN, who remembered vividly the signs of segregated public facilities.
During an interactive workshop titled Moving from Inviting to Equitable, Dr. Marsha Foster Boyd and Matthew Abrams invited thoughtful discussion about what steps can be taken to move toward a culture where everyones values, heritage, voice, worldview, and lifestyle are embraced.
Dr. Bill Daggett delivered the keynote address to a welcoming audience of delegates.

DETROIT Letter Carriers and their allies union and non-union are girding for a fight against GOP President Donald Trumps scheme to privatize the U.S. Postal Service.