While both the United States and Italy face significant challenges, sharing strategies and learning from each other’s experiences can help improve the mental health support systems in both countries.
Investments in Title II-A are an essential component of the strategies to address these troubling trends.

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“The State of the Union is union strong,” AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler said after Democratic President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address this month.

This year, we’ve seen unprecedented engagement from the Biden administration, affording AFSA a significant seat at the policymaking table and the opportunity for regular input.
“We are at a technological crossroads with the rights and economic security of workers at risk."

The highly anticipated 17th Triennial AFSA Constitutional Convention will take place in Las Vegas in July 2025. 

Dive deep into the pressing concern of student absenteeism and unearth impactful strategies for school administrators to take on this issue.