Monicellia H. Pruitt

'It gives me great joy to be part of a picture that supports student learning. A brain fuels student learning.'

Since 2001, Monicellia H. Pruitt has worked delivering food services to the children who attend Boston Public Schools. For the past six years, she has been a food service field coordinator.

"I can create a cafeteria environment that is welcoming to all students," she said. "It is also my hope to support more culturally diverse options for students...that replicate what they eat at home. Equally important would be how the food is presented, tastes and appears in the students’ eyes."

As a food service field coordinator, Pruitt visits a number of schools daily to ensure  all food service staff are compliant with state, city and federal guidelines as they apply to feeding BPS students safe and healthy foods.

Moreover, she is able to service the dietary needs of each student who comes through the line each and every day. She knows food feeds the brain, and the brain feeds learning.