Whereas, members of the American Federation of School Administrators are engaged participants in the political process that defines and strengthens our democracy; and

Whereas, as along—time affiliate of the AFL-CIO, AFSA shares the federation’s concern for the well being of all workers and recognizes the necessity of engaged political activism in the electoral process to ensure the rights and benefits of all union members; and

Whereas, school leaders have dedicated our lives to serving the nation’s children, their families and their communities by advocating quality education for all; and

Whereas, the 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections will be an opportunity to choose candidates who share AFSA’s commitment to quality education for all; and

Whereas, the 2016 race has already begun with individuals announcing their candidacies, resources being raised to support candidate campaigns, and with candidates formalizing their positions on the issues of importance to our members;

Therefore be it resolved, that although it is premature at this time to endorse candidates for federal office, AFSA stands in solidarity with the AFL-CIO’s commitment to endorsing candidates at every level of government who are willing to put partisan politics aside and work to advance the interests of our members; and

Be it further resolved, that AFSA stands with the AFL-CIO in its policy of conducting its endorsement process, political giving, political communications, independent expenditures, SuperPAC efforts, and voter and Election Day GOTV field mobilization efforts in a pragmatic, bipartisan approach that focuses primarily on candidates’ positions on issues of direct importance to workers.