Whereas, the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has given unprecedented power to corporations and special interests to finance political campaigns; and

Whereas, the decision has resulted in massive amounts of campaign contributions being contributed to Political Action Committees (PACs) whose funds are directed, often in complete secrecy, to political candidates willing to do the bidding of corporations and special interests; and

Whereas, many of these special interests and corporations have used the Citizens United decision to vastly increase their influence on political campaigns and elected officials; and

Whereas, many of these interests are among the more ardent supporters of privatizing America’s public schools and are the most zealous advocates of unfair evaluation systems for public school educators; and

Whereas, AFSA members, educators andultimately the children they serveare often victimized by such unjust criticisms and privatization schemes; and

Whereas, the most effective way of countering this assault is for AFSA members to become more active in election campaigns by, among other means, generously and regularly contributing to the AFSA Political Action Committee (PAC);

Therefore be it resolved, that AFSA members commit to meeting the challenge to public education, school leaders and the communities we serve by making regular monthly contributions to the AFSA PAC; and

Be it further resolved, that AFSA develop an online capability for accepting and recording members’ PAC contributions, and submitting the reports necessary for complying with state and federal campaign laws.