Social Emotional/Mental Health Resources

One of AFSA's  top priorities is to assist members in finding resources and developing skills to combat various social emotional and mental health problems. 

In July 2022, AFSA made a clear commitment to support school leader wellness by unanimously passing a resolution at the triennial convention.


Finding help when you are going through a difficult time can be overwhelming. A simple internet search can result in hundreds of pages and links and different terminology, which can further complicate seeking help. We hope these resource links provide a simple, straightforward way for you to find assistance.

Educator Help

Personal Help

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are critical mental health supports for school leaders to rely on. Though many school districts do have EAPs in place for school leaders, there are school districts that lack this critical resource. If your school district does have an EAP for which school leaders are eligible, AFSA encourages you to take advantage and get the support you need as a school leader.