School districts may distribute these tests for free to students, staff, parents, and school communities.
Kennedy was assassinated, spawning a host of theories.

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Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans and working people face the same issues—a lack of good jobs, access to quality health care, and the need for racial and economic justice.

This document serves as a valuable resource for those involved in enhancing the cybersecurity posture of school districts.
Statement from AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler on Mike Johnson becoming the new speaker of the House of Representatives.
The Israel-Gaza war is distressing, and children and teens may be wondering why this violence is occurring and what else will happen in the future.
We ask principals to do a lot already, but we also need them to be at the center of advocating for funding key national education programs.

Every National Principals Month, AFSA expresses its gratitude by highlighting outstanding school leaders.