AFSA is a member of the AFL-CIO and pays per capita to said labor federation and all AFSA members of affiliated locals, associate members and retired members are members of the AFL-CIO. AFSA also pays per capita dues to the Association of Retired Americans (ARA), AFL-CIO affiliate for members of retiree chapters.

AFSA further supports the AFL-CIO at the local and state level by educating local affiliates and the entire membership about the importance and benefits of joining their respective local CLCs and State Labor Federations .

AFSA has been seated in a Vice President position on the AFL-CIO Executive Council since 1992 and has been an active participant in AFL-CIO committees and activities.

However, the position in which AFSA finds itself in regards to the AFL-CIO is not permanent and subject to rotation of other small unions, so AFSA further resolves that the President of AFSA, with the assistance of the Officers and GEB, make every effort to secure a permanent seat on the Executive Council of the AFL-CIO.