2009 Convention

The Employee Free Choice Act is a priority for the AFL-CIO and will facilitate membership in unions by expanding employees choice in how to organize. The Employee Free Choice Act would also impose serious fines and legal actions against employers who intimidate, harass or fire pro-union employees and will compel employers to recognize a legally elected union in the workplace within a specified period of time.

AFSA continues to increase its participation in professional, labor and legislative matters consistent with its Constitution and mission. However, membership in AFSA has not significantly increased since 2007.

The AFL-CIO can impose increases in per capita taxes and/or assessments to its affiliates. AFSA has also considered the needs of its local affiliates and members.

Therefore, AFSA resolves that the per capita dues to AFSA remain $8.35 per month for active members and $30 per year for retirees.

The Obama Administration has reviewed the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). Changes have been made to the reporting of Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) for the present. The Secretary of Education has repeatedly urged that student achievement standards be strengthened.

There is a national debate about the current standards for student assessment and evaluation. Educational standards are a major educational topic in universities, among professional educators, information technocrats and legislators. States prefer local determination and there are strong advocates for national standards.

President Obama and the AFL-CIO have made Universal Health Reform a major priority for the nation. AFSA is a member of the AFL-CIO and AFSA members know first-hand the benefits to children who have adequate preventative and on-going health care.

Many AFSA members experience the benefits for adequate health care coverage. AFSA supports the enactment of legislation that will provide all members of U.S. society affordable quality healthcare.

There will be a very large exodus of experienced school leaders and teachers in the near future. Standards for school leadership have been developed by a variety of different groups and organizations and experienced school leaders with strong educational backgrounds have been replaced by less experienced and newly trained school leaders. School leaders are ultimately held responsible for changing the educational and professional culture in a school.

The Obama administration has made 0-5 early education a national priority, recognizing that the education of our youngest children is essential for their future development. Research supports the benefits of 0-5 education for children who enter primary education systems but the current system of pre-K education is piecemeal and undocumented. Furthermore, our system of day care services is fragmented and often unsupervised.

AFSA is a member of the AFL-CIO and pays per capita to said labor federation and all AFSA members of affiliated locals, associate members and retired members are members of the AFL-CIO. AFSA also pays per capita dues to the Association of Retired Americans (ARA), AFL-CIO affiliate for members of retiree chapters.

AFSA further supports the AFL-CIO at the local and state level by educating local affiliates and the entire membership about the importance and benefits of joining their respective local CLCs and State Labor Federations .

AFSA is an international affiliate of the AFL-CIO and the AFL-CIO Executive Council affirmed a resolution determining the affiliates delegations to AFL-CIO Conventions, calling for representational diversity among delegations.

The AFL-CIO requests that its affiliated unions pass diversity resolutions to support

Therefore AFSA resolves to assure that its delegation to the AFL-CIO Convention will reflect the diversity of its membership in ethnicity and gender.

The Obama administration and the current Congress have raised education to the forefront of their mission and the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is being assessed.

AFSA is a union of professionals and AFSA members are held accountable for the academic achievement of their students and the performance of their faculties. The success or failure of our public education system sits directly on the shoulders of AFSA members.

All school personnel and students must be guaranteed a safe an healthy educational environment. School personnel, students and their families deserve to be notified of actual and potential hazards found on school grounds. The health, safety, and welfare of all students and staff must be protected from the disposal transport and storage of nuclear, chemical, and other hazardous wastes.