Employee Free Choice Act

The Employee Free Choice Act is a priority for the AFL-CIO and will facilitate membership in unions by expanding employees choice in how to organize. The Employee Free Choice Act would also impose serious fines and legal actions against employers who intimidate, harass or fire pro-union employees and will compel employers to recognize a legally elected union in the workplace within a specified period of time.

Union members consistently earn more than non-union members and strong unions have been the foundation for a strong middle-class. Children from union families have a greater chance to be successful in school and future employment. The Employee Free Choice Act is a first step towards challenging and modifying current public employer anti-collective bargaining laws that affect AFSA organizing.

AFSA supports the enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act by:

  • Utilizing its resources to educate its members and the public;
  • Working with State Federations of Labor and Central Labor Councils; and by
  • Joining with like-minded organizations to educate and persuade legislators and the Administration to enact the legislation.