Empowering Membership Engagement

WHEREAS, when educators and all working people join together in a union, we all win better wages, health care, benefits and retirement protections; and

WHEREAS, AFSA understands that attacks on unions, including the Janus v. AFSCMEU.S. Supreme Court case, as well as schemes to prohibit payroll deduction, require annual union recertification and the elimination of collective bargaining rights, are constant threats to our ability to negotiate for these basic rights; and

WHEREAS, hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent per year by extreme opponents of unions in an organized attack on workers, and as we cannot rely on politicians and their corporate donors to protect us from the corporate agenda in state legislatures around the nation, in Congress and in the White House; and

WHEREAS, the internal organizing and member engagement of our members must be expanded as much as possible to engage rank-and-file members into becoming union leaders;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the American Federation of School Administrators will continue to urge its locals to develop member engagement and orientation programs; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that AFSA will continue to offer training to strengthen our affiliate organizations