Organization and Growth Resolution

Whereas, the recent economic downturn has been especially brutal on American workers, and the economic burdens placed on working families are virtually unbearable; and

Whereas, Americans are working longer hours, have fewer benefits and enjoy less job-security; and Whereas, Collective Bargaining has always been the most effective antidote to inequality and injustice, yet, over the last several decades the right to bargain collectively has been under political attack; and

Whereas, employer opposition to workers organizing efforts is rampant in the private sector, and has increased significantly in the public sector, with attacks escalating at the federal, state, and local levels; and

Whereas, workers know that only by joining together and standing up for themselves will they be able to create lives that fulfill the promise of America; and

Whereas, where there are workers prepared to stand up, they need to know they are not alone; and Whereas, nothing is more central to the union movement than mobilizing and organizing on the side of workers to form unions and build power by engaging in collective bargaining; and

Whereas, all unions must trumpet this call as part of their legislative and policy agendas at federal and state legislative bodies, and work to expand collective bargaining rights and reform labor laws to ensure that all workers who want to form unions and bargain collective have a fair opportunity to do so; and

Whereas, we must tear down the obstacles workers face in joining a union, by showing the same courage, determination and dedication that workers themselves demonstrate, which will require courage, focus, discipline and resources

Therefore be it resolved, that AFSA will actively support statutory reform and worker organizing efforts; and Be it further resolved, AFSA will assist workers in their collective bargaining efforts; and

Be it further resolved, AFSA will initiate a vigorous campaign to increase the membership in AFSA through organizing initiatives