Retiree Chapters

Whereas, The AFL-CIO and the Labor movement recognizes and appreciates the contribution that retirees make to their societies and the tremendous diversity within the ranks of retirees; and

Whereas, retirees are reaching an advanced age in greater numbers than ever before and are in better health than ever before; and

Whereas, AFSA retirees have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and unique experiences in public education; and

Whereas, AFSA retirees should be able to seek and develop opportunities for service to the community, appropriate to their unique interests and capabilities; and

Whereas, AFSA retirees share a passion, understanding, ability and a commitment to the Labor Movement; and

Whereas, AFSA retirees have the time, motivation and capacity to provide a potent force to advocate for legislation and policy to enhance public education and bolster efforts by AFSA Locals and the AFSA National

Therefore be it resolved, that the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) urges AFSA Locals to actively engage their retirees; and

Be it further resolved, that AFSA encourages its Locals to form retiree chapters where appropriate; and Be it further resolved, that AFSA will support the creation of a coordinating committee that includes Local retiree chapters and individual retiree members to form retiree chapters.