Social Security/Retirement

Whereas, for decades workers have been able to achieve retirement security because their retirement income was based on mutual responsibility among the federal government as provided by Social Security, employer-provided pensions and personal savings; and

Whereas, defined-benefit plans remain the soundest and most cost-effective vehicle for building and safeguarding retirement income security; and

Whereas, many employers have abandoned secure, defined-benefit pensions in favor of cheaper, and less secure plans in the private sector; and

Whereas, the recent economic downturn and 401K losses have exposed severe deficiencies in the current retirement system; and

Whereas, a myriad of state and local proposals threaten workers negotiated benefits and pensions; and Whereas, proposals at the federal level seek to curb or eliminate benefits, social security and retirement benefits for workers; and

Whereas, many of these attacks are targeting educators, not only penalizing current employees and retirees, but deterring qualified individuals from entering the profession precisely when the schools are facing a growing shortage of qualified educators

Therefore be it resolved, that the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) will fight, along with the AFL-CIO and its allies, any attack on workers benefits and pensions; and

Be it further resolved, that AFSA calls upon Congress and the administration to go beyond a patchwork of reforms and support the principle of mutual responsibility, with government, employers and individuals all contributing; and

Be it further resolved, that AFSA will support policies to ensure all workers can retire with dignity and enjoy the economic security they have earned