Special Education Policy

Whereas, the education of students with special needs is critical; and Whereas, Special Education instruction is required under the No Child Left

Behind Act (NCLB) and also in policies supported by the Obama administration; and

Whereas, instructional challenges are ever present when educating students with special needs, which calls for increased pre-service training and professional development for teachers and administrators; and

Whereas, Site Administrators must become knowledgeable and keep current regarding the complicated legal developments under the various Federal and State rules and regulations regarding the education and placement of students with special needs; and

Whereas, States and local school districts have been advocating for federal assistance to fully fund the Federal mandates regarding the education and placement of students with special needs

Therefore be it Resolved, that the AFSA adopt policy to promote and support training and ongoing staff development for all AFSA members in the field of Special Education; and

Be it further Resolved, that AFSA engage with other stakeholders and national policymakers to discuss federal mandates relating to special education, and advocate they be fully funded