Unfunded Mandates

Whereas, schools across the country are financially burdened by unfunded mandates, and facing escalating costs to provide Special Education and other services; and

Whereas, schools often receive insufficient funding to meet the requirements, and outlays of resources at the school level for these programs often far exceeds the federal and state sources that are intended to fund these programs; and

Whereas, Congress has authorized the federal government to provide grants to states up to 40 percent for the excess cost schools bear of providing Special Education through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); and

Whereas, the average cost of reimbursement has averaged only 20 percent nationally; and

Whereas, government reimbursement should be based on the number of students receiving such services

Therefore be it resolved, that AFSA will continue to call upon the federal government to allocate the maximum allowable amount under the law of 40 percent reimbursement for Special Education and ELL services on a state district by district basis; and

Therefore be it further resolved, that AFSA will continue to advocate for increased funding for school mandates and align with other stakeholders to engage national policy makers in a discussion on full funding for mandated policies